Basketball Attacking Drills

Solidify your offensive and attacking skills with these basketball attacking drills. Improve your teams scoring chances with these offensive drills.

Do you want to improve your chances in scoring? These offensive basketball drills will help you limit turnovers, pick good shooting opportunities, set screens, and keep your offensive attack balanced.

These attacking drills will focus on game-like situations and should be practices at full speed. The emphasis should be on keeping possession through dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding, positioning, spacing, and player and team movements. The key is to limit turnovers, pick the right shot opportunities, and individual and team movement.

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Basketball Attacking Basketball Drills

Layup competition

This team layup competition will focus on full-speed layups, and staying calm during break aways.

1 Minute Shooting Competition

This basketball drill is a great basketball shooting drill that focuses on shooting under pressure with no opponent.

Basketball Offensive Drill - Swing passing, cut and finish at the rim

This drill works on a multitude of offensive basketball skills. Quick accurate passing, good movement, footwork and cuts, and finishing at the rim. It encourages players to make good, hard cuts to the basket and then finish.

Pick And Roll Drill

This basketball drill focuses on the pick and roll move in basketball. The pick and roll is an offensive play in basketball in which a player of the attacking team creats a pick for the ball handler to slip by, the pick player then rolls out towards the ball handler who then receives a pass and attempts to get the shot off.

Fake Shot or Fake Pass and Take to the Hoop

This shooting drill incorporates the shot fake or pass fake when driving to the hoop. It works on the all important ball fake to open up the lane.

1v1 basketball game

This 1v1 basketball drill (1-on-1 basketball drill) is great for working on players defensive and offensive game in basketball.Since the 1v1 basketball game is the most basic form of basketball, it allows basketball coaches the ability to focus on specific areas of the game.

Basketball Shooting Free-Throws Drill

This is a great basketball free-throwing drill good for individuals or small groups.

60 Point Shooter

The 60 Point Shooter basketball drill is great for developing and practicing shooting from all different ranges. This basketball game entails a three point shot, a shorter range jumper, and a free throw in each round.

Basketball Fastbreak Shooting Drill

This basketball fastbreak shooting drill will focus on shooting while on a fast-break as well as ball handling skills while on the dribble.

Two Line Fullcourt Passing

The object is to improve the basketball passing skills, accuracy and technique of the player. This basketball drill also gets a little fitness in as well.

Little Around the World

The Little Around the World shooting drill is a fun and useful basketball drill to improve a players shooting skills. The drill will work on shooting the basketball from all different angles.

Basketball Hour Glass Passing Drill

The basketball hour glass drill is a good passing drill for all ages from the youngest all the way up to high school ages. The passing drill will improve footwork, hand-eye coordination as well as passing skills. This is a good warmup drill at the beginning of basketball practice.

Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Basics

Too many coaches overlook the basics of the game. Dribbling and ball handling drills should be used every practice. Whether they be for warmup or a core of your practice that day, do not overlook the importance of touching on the subject at every training session.

Full Court Passing Drill to Layup

This drill is great for teaching younger basketball players good passing technique as well as good basketball footwork. For older players it is also a good basketball fitness drill.

A Basketball Practice Dribbling Session

Dribbling is the basis of the game of basketball and for especially the younger player it should be emphasized every practice with repetition and focus. Strong hand, weak hand, two balls, working on moves, changing speeds and directions...the whole range of basketball dribbling. With superior basketball dribbling skills the player will be able to escape difficult situations on the court and create positively for their team.

Full Court Shooting Basketball Warmup Drill

This is an early practice wamrup shooting drill. The basketball drill will get the players legs warmed up as they cover the full court on a dribble-jog. It will also allow the players to practice several basketball shots from layups to free throws to jump shots.

Three Stop Halfcourt

The objective of the Three Stop Halfcourt drill is to emphasize the defensive aspects in the half court game. Focus on strong defense and rebounding to get an important stop.

A Full Court Warmup Shooting Drill

As coaches we are always looking for good warmup drills that the kids will enjoy. Here is a warmup drill for a shooting practice that will get the kids plenty of shots as well as their legs warmed up with some running and dribbling.

Faking to Create Space for Your Jumpshot

The objective of this drill is to develop a comfortable basketball move that will allow a jump shooter to create space and get away from a defender to get a good jump shot away. It's not difficult to drain that wide open jumper, but the real offensive basketball stud is the player that can create space and score when being covered. It becomes more and more important the older the player gets.

Basketball 1v1 Roll

To improve the basketball player's 1v1 skills as well as to improve defensive 1v1 skills. The drill also works on finishing with either hand and dribbling with both hands.

The Basketball Star Shooter

The Basketball Star Shooter will work on improving passing, shooting as well as communication between players.

The Four Minute Shooter

The Four Minute Shooter To improve the player's overall shooting ability while creating a more game-like and competetive environment. The drill works on the layup, midrange basketball shot and the three pointer. Finally the rotation ends with two pressure free throws.

4v4 Round Robin

4v4 Round Robin is a game the kids love. This takes the place of an end of practice scrimmage or can be played on a free day. The 4v4 will give more space on the court allowing the players to be more creative and attacking in the offense. It will also encourage better 1v1 defense as there is less defensive help available.

Dribbling in Threes

Dribbling in threes is a basic basketball dribbling drill meant to improve the youth basketball player's dribbling skills with both hands. Dribbling in Threes should be an early practice drill when warming up or working on dribbling talents.

Combo Shooting for 2

To improve shooting skills and accuracy in a competetive environment. Forcing the player to make shots from different areas of the court in a timely manner.

Dribbling to Own the Circle

The objective of Dribbling to Own the Circle is to become a better basketball dribbler. This drill will work on all the major basketball dribbling moves as well as the art of protecting the ball from an opponent.

Working on Defensive Channelling

The object of this drill is to allow the defensive player to learn techniques to force a ball handler to go where the defender wants them to. By proper body position and footwork the defensive player can funnel or channel the ball handler certain directions. In a game it will allow the defender to force the offensive towards defensive help or towards bad areas of the court.

Working on Defensive Transition

Everyone always focuses on the offensive side of the game of basketball. Score, score, score, but the most succesful coaches know the importance of transition. Transition defense is how fast a team can change from attacking to defending. Here is a drill on teaching transition defense. The objective is to focus on players getting back on defense and preparing for their defensive responsibilities.

Two Bounce 21

The Two Bounce 21 Game is a fun and challenging game that will improve a players shooting and free throws. The key to improving a player's shooting abilities is repetition and the Two Bounce 21 Game offers repetition in a fun and competetive environment.

Dribbling with Both Hands

This drill will help you improve hand speed, ball control and your ability to dribble with both hands.


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