Basketball Passing Drills

These passing drills focus on chest passes, bounce passes, and outlet passes. It is critical not to overlook the importance of passing skills.

Passing and ball movement is an important skill that every team should focus on regardless of your age and skill level. Passing the ball helps get your team out of trouble when being pressed, and is critical for setting up scoring opportunities.
Teaching proper chest passes, bounce passes, and outlet passes is critical to moving the ball up the court and getting into the attack.

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Basketball Passing Basketball Drills

1 Minute Shooting Competition

This basketball drill is a great basketball shooting drill that focuses on shooting under pressure with no opponent.

Basketball Offensive Drill - Swing passing, cut and finish at the rim

This drill works on a multitude of offensive basketball skills. Quick accurate passing, good movement, footwork and cuts, and finishing at the rim. It encourages players to make good, hard cuts to the basket and then finish.

Basketball Passing Drill - Pepper

This basketball passing drill is wonderful for developing all aspects of passing the basketball. Hand-eye coordination, soft hands, accuracy as well as footwork. Pepper should be used as a warmup drill or used as a core drill in a basketball practice focused on passing.

Five Point Passing Drill

This basketball passing drill focuses on improving young basketball players passing ability. This basketball passing drill will also help improve hand-eye coordination along with movement before and after the pass. This passing drill requires players to stay alert as they are receiving the ball and think quickly to make the next pass.

Two Line Fullcourt Passing

The object is to improve the basketball passing skills, accuracy and technique of the player. This basketball drill also gets a little fitness in as well.

Working on the Basketball Fast Break

Gaining numbers advantages is a key aspect of smart basketball. Taking advantage of these situations is the difference between winning and losing. The fast break is when a team will get the opportunity to get hese number up situations such as 3 on 2 and 2 on 1. This drill will give the player repetitions in these situations.

A Basketball Practice Dribbling Session

Dribbling is the basis of the game of basketball and for especially the younger player it should be emphasized every practice with repetition and focus. Strong hand, weak hand, two balls, working on moves, changing speeds and directions...the whole range of basketball dribbling. With superior basketball dribbling skills the player will be able to escape difficult situations on the court and create positively for their team.

Basketball 1v1 Roll

To improve the basketball player's 1v1 skills as well as to improve defensive 1v1 skills. The drill also works on finishing with either hand and dribbling with both hands.

The Basketball Star Shooter

The Basketball Star Shooter will work on improving passing, shooting as well as communication between players.

4v4 Round Robin

4v4 Round Robin is a game the kids love. This takes the place of an end of practice scrimmage or can be played on a free day. The 4v4 will give more space on the court allowing the players to be more creative and attacking in the offense. It will also encourage better 1v1 defense as there is less defensive help available.

Combo Shooting for 2

To improve shooting skills and accuracy in a competetive environment. Forcing the player to make shots from different areas of the court in a timely manner.

Working on Defensive Transition

Everyone always focuses on the offensive side of the game of basketball. Score, score, score, but the most succesful coaches know the importance of transition. Transition defense is how fast a team can change from attacking to defending. Here is a drill on teaching transition defense. The objective is to focus on players getting back on defense and preparing for their defensive responsibilities.


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