Basketball Shooting Free-Throws Drill

Basketball Shooting Free-Throws Drill, free-throw shooting, free throws, basketball shooting

This is a great basketball free-throwing drill good for individuals or small groups.

This is a great basketball free-throwing drill good for individuals or small groups.

  1. Mark off four spots in front of the basket.
  2. The first position directly in front of the basket, the 2nd and 3rd position evenly spaced between the first spot and the free-throw line.
  3. The 4th position is on the free-throw line.
  4. This free-throw shooting drill is best with only one player or a small group. The shooter will need only one ball.

  1. The player starts at position 1.
  2. The player must shoot from tposition 1. If the player makes the shot, they progress to position 2.
  3. The player then moves to each of the next positions as the shots are made.
  4. If at any time a shot is missed the player must restart at position 1.
  5. After successfully making each of the shots from each of the positions, the player then takes 10 free-throws.


Have the player start at position 1, work their way to position 4 without missing a shot, then work their way back down to position 1. At any time they miss a shot they restart at position 1.

Coaching Points

Focus on:

  1. Good balance and control of the body
  2. The player should be very focused and have solid concentration
  3. Making sure the player is aiming for the basket rather than just throwing the ball at the basket
  4. The follow through after the shot

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