Basketball Dribbling Drills

Basketball dribbling and ball handling drills are important for all levels of basketball.

When coaching youth basketball, the first aspect of the game to focus on with beginners is dribbling and ball handling. It is important to teach proper dribbling and ball control techniques early.

When teaching dribbling you should focus on:

  • Contact the ball with finger tips
  • Be able to dribble with both hands
  • Players should be able to see the floor as they dribble
  • Keep the height of the dribble around the waist
  • Keep the ball in front of your body when dribbling
  • Dribble with a purpose to avoid traps, double dribble, or bad pass
  • Dribble to 1) penetrate (attack the rim); 2) create passing lanes; 3) relieve pressure

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Basketball Dribbling Basketball Drills

1 Minute Shooting Competition

This basketball drill is a great basketball shooting drill that focuses on shooting under pressure with no opponent.

Fast Footwork Drill

This basketball fast footwork warm-up drill is a great agility warm-up drill that focuses on basketball footwork and movements.

Basketball Offensive Drill - Swing passing, cut and finish at the rim

This drill works on a multitude of offensive basketball skills. Quick accurate passing, good movement, footwork and cuts, and finishing at the rim. It encourages players to make good, hard cuts to the basket and then finish.

Pick And Roll Drill

This basketball drill focuses on the pick and roll move in basketball. The pick and roll is an offensive play in basketball in which a player of the attacking team creats a pick for the ball handler to slip by, the pick player then rolls out towards the ball handler who then receives a pass and attempts to get the shot off.

Basketball Dribbling Drill - Team Dribble Tag

Team Dribble Tag is a fun basketball dribbling drill that works primarily on a basketball player's dribbling skills, but will also improve speed, quickness and awareness on the dribble as well.

Basketball Passing Drill - Pepper

This basketball passing drill is wonderful for developing all aspects of passing the basketball. Hand-eye coordination, soft hands, accuracy as well as footwork. Pepper should be used as a warmup drill or used as a core drill in a basketball practice focused on passing.

The Take It Out Warmup Drill

This is a very good basketball warmup drill your team can do at the beginning of practice or in your pregame warmups before the basketball game. The drill involves lots of movement and passing that ends in a shot.

Basketball Agility work to Shooting

The objective of this drill is to work on basketball agility ending the progression with a jumpshot or layup. This drill allows the basketball coach to work on agility and fitness while the finishing jumpshot will make the drill fun for the basketball player so it does not feel as only a basketball agility drill.

Basketball Ball Handling Warmup

A fun series of basketball drills to improve the player's ball handling skills. This is a good basketball drill for the opening part of your basketball practice.

Full Court Passing Drill to Layup

This drill is great for teaching younger basketball players good passing technique as well as good basketball footwork. For older players it is also a good basketball fitness drill.

Faking to Create Space for Your Jumpshot

The objective of this drill is to develop a comfortable basketball move that will allow a jump shooter to create space and get away from a defender to get a good jump shot away. It's not difficult to drain that wide open jumper, but the real offensive basketball stud is the player that can create space and score when being covered. It becomes more and more important the older the player gets.

The Basketball Star Shooter

The Basketball Star Shooter will work on improving passing, shooting as well as communication between players.

4v4 Round Robin

4v4 Round Robin is a game the kids love. This takes the place of an end of practice scrimmage or can be played on a free day. The 4v4 will give more space on the court allowing the players to be more creative and attacking in the offense. It will also encourage better 1v1 defense as there is less defensive help available.

Combo Shooting for 2

To improve shooting skills and accuracy in a competetive environment. Forcing the player to make shots from different areas of the court in a timely manner.

The Basketball Weave Drill

The objective of the basketball weave drill is to improve passing/dribbling skills, improve communication and improve communication between teammates.

Shooting from the Elbow

The key to becoming a good shooter is to practice, practice, practice. The great shooters in the NBA will tell you they spent hours in the gym shooting jumpshot after jumpshot. Here is a simple shooting drill that can be done with a team or with just you and a friend in the gym. The objective is to allow for a good repetition of shots from anywhere on the court.

Dribbling With Chairs

This drill is for younger basketball players learning the basics of dribbling. The object is to focus on keeping the ball in the hand away from the defender as well as dribbling with both hands. It will also emphasis keeping your head up and seeing the court.

Dribbling with Both Hands

This drill will help you improve hand speed, ball control and your ability to dribble with both hands.

The Spider Dribble

The objective of the spider dribble is to improve players dribbling skills with both hands around all parts of the body.


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