Basketball Layups Drills

Basketball drills that focus on layups and close range shots near and under the basket.

Attacking the rim is an important aspect of basketball. Make sure your players are ready when the opportunity presents itself by being comfortable with layups and close range shots when driving to the bucket.

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Basketball Layups Basketball Drills

Layup competition

This team layup competition will focus on full-speed layups, and staying calm during break aways.

Two Line Fullcourt Passing

The object is to improve the basketball passing skills, accuracy and technique of the player. This basketball drill also gets a little fitness in as well.

Little Around the World

The Little Around the World shooting drill is a fun and useful basketball drill to improve a players shooting skills. The drill will work on shooting the basketball from all different angles.

Full Court Passing Drill to Layup

This drill is great for teaching younger basketball players good passing technique as well as good basketball footwork. For older players it is also a good basketball fitness drill.

Three Stop Halfcourt

The objective of the Three Stop Halfcourt drill is to emphasize the defensive aspects in the half court game. Focus on strong defense and rebounding to get an important stop.

The Basketball Star Shooter

The Basketball Star Shooter will work on improving passing, shooting as well as communication between players.

4v4 Round Robin

4v4 Round Robin is a game the kids love. This takes the place of an end of practice scrimmage or can be played on a free day. The 4v4 will give more space on the court allowing the players to be more creative and attacking in the offense. It will also encourage better 1v1 defense as there is less defensive help available.


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